Thursday, May 18, 2006

Greetings from Florida!

I've been in Florida working as a therapy dog, meeting senior citizens at three nursing homes / rehab facilities. One gentleman's toddler grandson was worried about kissing the golden's face, so he kissed the back instead. Bleah!

On a day I didn't go to the nursing home, my owner met a lady with a sheltie. She brought the sheltie into grandma's room and told her "Look what the Florida weather has done to my collie!"

During a discussion of our "clothes" (leashes, etc.) one little girl overshared that her "daddy doesn't wear clothes at night, because anything would give him a wedgie".

My owner didn't hear it....but I did. :)

On days we weren't working, we had to stay in the air conditioned kitchen. However, there is no door and my owners didn't want me snacking on the hor'dourves from la kitty box, so we were baracaded in here. Every day they added more and more additions to the baracade to keep us in. During a Florida storm though, not even this set-up could keep the golden retriever in the kitchen. (She has skills.)

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