Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hi, I'm Ronnie the collie.

My owner has been reading the book Life is Good!: Lessons in Joyful Living which is written by Trixie Koontz,(a golden retriever!) and Dean Koontz. Now it seems to me that if a golden can write a book, a collie can surely share his thoughts on an internet blog.

Here I am shopping for a new leash and collar. The one they gave me at the pound was okay, but since I'm named after Ron Santo, I really wanted a Cubs leash. My owner wants me to pick one out at the store. They're available online, but she doesn't believe that I can websurf, so I'm still shopping.

Here is my sister, shopping for rawhides and a what is that? A guinia pig.
You are so not getting a guinia pig!

This is my view of my new aunt.

I'm still trying to figure out if she is a cat or a dog. I'm very confused about this.


More later, Ronnie

PS: Please don't call me Lassie. I am a manly dog!