Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3rd Annual
Walk with Therese to prevent Domestic Violence

August 15, 2009
Keystone Park, River Forest, IL. 60305

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This is a dog friendly event.

Please attend the 2010 event on August 14.
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Above: Therese's niece shows a friend her photo necklace with Therese's photo on it.
Click here to see the necklace.

Below: the scene of the 2005 crime

The above are photos from the Third Annual Walk with Therese to prevent Domestic Violence.

Photos from the previous two events are available at the links below:

2nd Annual "Walk with Therese" to prevent domestic violence

1st Walk with Therese to prevent domestic violence


Update on the murder trial in Chicago Tribune

Local paper's report on the trial

Illinois Department of Corrections - Inmate Search

News reporting regarding this far...,0,1092317.story,river-forest-penderwalk-081109-s1.article

Search for articles with keyword "domestic violence" at the Chicago Tribune

Search for news articles with keyword "Therese Pender"

I hear that Paul McCartney was informed of her passing.
He would recognize her.
Later on he made a video with all ladies who resemble Therese.

Ever Present Past by Paul McCartney

This is what was in her cd player the night of the murder

An old photo of Therese years ago on the train - she's carrying a John Lennon album.

Therese was an incredible Beatles fan. She traveled around the world to see Paul.
She emailed Paul's son (and he wrote back!), she met Pete Best, she met Paul a bunch of times and was even quoted in more than one news article about them.

She was even at the Oprah show w/ Paul McCartney.

Ronnie's owner saw Paul in concert
5 times with her - 3x at the Rosemont, once at Soldier Field and again at Busch Stadium.

At the opening of Paul's Standing Stone concert at the Royal Albert Hall she gave him flowers at the end of the concert. If you watch the video you can see her give him the flowers.
(Do I have the concert correct? It was one of the classical works)

Therese went to a press conference for Paul and Linda's vegetarian frozen dinners.
Her question to the McCartneys was covered by the press.

The Chicago Tribune ran an article on her years ago regarding her Beatle fan activities.

/Mark Mandernach. Special to the Tribune./. *Chicago Tribune (pre-1997
Fulltext)*. Chicago, Ill.: May 29, 1994. pg. 7

Column Name: /Lake People/Places./
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That makes Wesley one of hundreds of suburban Chicagoans-ranging from
Beatles' fan Therese ***** of Carpentersville on through Mary Wilson
fan Carl Feurerbacher of Mundelein-who are card-carrying members of
various fan clubs that cater to just about every avocation.

I was surprised to read that the Beatles song that comes to mind when reading about her husband's act of violence was reportedly not about what you'd think.

Were you at this event? Feel free to share your stories from the day here.

Did you know Therese Acheson Pender?

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