Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Walk with Therese
to prevent domestic violence

August 16, 2008

Keystone Park, River Forest, IL

Proceeds to benefit the
Constance Morris House.

Newspaper listing

Did you miss the event? You can still donate in Therese's name.
Click here for details.

Photos from the 2007 Walk with Therese

Commentary by Ronnie the collie, walk participant.

Hi! I'm Ronnie the collie and this is my blog.

On August 18, I went on the Walk with Therese
to prevent domestic violence.

I didn't know Therese, but my friends the cat and the golden retriever knew her
and said really nice things about her. So I knew I had to attend this event.

I'm told that Therese loved animals and used to have a dog and some cats.

This was a very pet-friendly event. How many puppies do you count in the photos?

It was wonderful getting to meet Therese's friends from her various interests.
Sadly, Paul McCartney wasn't there...neither was Ringo. :(
However, I did get to see her sisters, mother, nieces, nephews and many friends.

Therese's niece gave a speech before the walk and received a hug from grandma.

As a result of what happened to Therese, a new law was made that speeds up the serving of an order of protection. This has already helped one of my owner's friends.

After the speeches and announcements, the walk begins.

I met new friends on the walking path.

Well, my owners failed to get a map of the walking path and we got a bit misplaced.

My new friend here sent us on our way.

Sometimes getting a bit lost can result in an excellent find...
such as this neat entrance to a home with a railroad theme.

Go ahead, click on the photo for a larger view.

With some strong pulling from yours truly, Ronnie the collie,
my owners got caught up with the group.

Looks like I have someone new to walk with.

So many trees, so little time...

Those are beautiful flowers....Yeah, I know...leave them alone...

Below are Amazon links to books regarding the topic of domestic violence.
Your local library should be able to request some of these for you to read if they don't have it in their collection. If the library doesn't have the book you're looking for, please consider donating it to the library in Therese's name so that others may benefit too.

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