Friday, March 14, 2008

Ronnie's Florida vacation...

Learning about palmettos at Merritt Island.

Here I am at Lake Louisa.
My family would love to rent one of their cabins...if only the cabins were pet-friendly...

Collie Hugs!

Here I am giving two Florida artists a collie hug.

Here I am at a Florida nursing home,
visiting a 92 year old lady who requested a visit from lil ole me.

Maybe if I wish really, really hard, they'll let me in the door at Buca di Beppo's.
Wow, their food smells great!

Here I am meeting a sheltie at the Webster Flea market.
I'm glad to hear that this isn't where fleas really come from.
I'm wearing a gentle leader, which gives my owner what they call "power steering".

Here's my friend Odie getting a bath in the washer. Don't tell Garfield, but he's next!

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